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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Can Playing the Piano Cause Carpal Tunnel Symptoms?

She Doesn’t want to stop playing her piano yamaha P115 but is having problems keeping up with her job due to her carpal tunnel pain. She explained that her teacher was helping her with proper positioning of her arms and hands.

Often, once we have carpal tunnel pain, there’s considerably more going on than most folks realize.

This is my answer to Jeanne.

Well, First I’ll deal with the appropriate positioning of your arms. Realize I have zero knowledge of piano playing, just of the way the body develops carpal tunnel and other pain symptoms.

To prevent carpal Tunnel pain, like working at a desk, your spine should be straight, no hunching allowed. You will need to sit with your normal curve in the back of your waist (tummy sticking out somewhat.) Your mind should be over your shoulders, not in the front of the body.

Close to your waist, but I understand they’ll move around a good deal. Better to move your body side to side (influence) than elongate with your arms.

When you perform, your wrists should be straight,

Is it possible that your piano bench Isn’t the Your feet should rest flat on the ground or on a support.

But here are my two greatest suggestions.

1. Since your muscles are already aggravated, having curative massage could be of great benefit. Maybe you could go for a few half hours every week to help repay your strained arm muscles. This relaxes the muscles, breaks up limitations and gets them on the path to health and balance.

2. This one is large:
In case you’ve got a forward head posture, and particularly if your shoulders are also held ahead, as opposed to at the sides of your body (rounded upper back?) Then there is an exceptional chance your scalene muscles are causing your carpal tunnel symptoms.

The scalenes will also bring about a “knot” between your shoulder blades and your backbone.

A Knowledgeable massage therapist or physical therapist can also assist you with adjusting your postural muscles and may discharge the scalene muscles, but they do not know how to do these things. You need to search out the suitable therapist.

So, Jeanne, without having the ability to see you, those are my thoughts and ideas.

I don’t want you to suffer or need to stop piano, and I don’t believe you’ll need to do either.

Bodies They need to be well and sometimes just need a little assistance. If you recognize why you are experiencing carpal tunnel symptoms (symptoms are brought on by something we do or don’t do) then you can take the necessary actions to help your body get well.


Is it worth it to your future happiness? Yes.

Please write to me and let me know if you have additional questions. I need to know how you do.

Keep in Mind, The more you know about the causes of your carpal tunnel pain, the more you are able to correct, and the quicker you will heal. If possible, print out this so that you can refer to it frequently as you create your corrections.

I wish you the very best, and please stay in touch. Maybe one day I’ll get to listen to your beautiful music.

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