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Compound Miter Saw

How to Choose a Saw Stand For a Sliding Compound Miter Saw

If You’re like me, Purchasing a new Compound miter saw and Saw Stand Read this guide and discover the 3 easy questions that you need answers to this will make the purchasing decision fun and unbelievably straightforward.

1. What do I want?

Knowing what you will use the saw and stand for makes life a lot simpler.For jobs that need chemical angled cuts, like those used to set up the huge crown molding, your needs will be fulfilled by a compound miter saw equipped with a 12 inch 80 tooth carbide blade. For the larger jobs where cutting framing materials are required, such as cuts made to roof rafters made of two by 10s or two by 12s a heavy duty sliding compound miter saw with a 12 inch 60 tooth carbide blade will find the job done correctly.

2. How will I be using this instrument?

Working with the stand and saw in a store environment, A stationary set – up and a dust collection system makes the most sense. Along with creating clean – up easier, a built in table made to support the pieces of material you’ll be cutting is a great must have feature. You’re going to have to move room to room and floor to floor so something heavy that won’t fit through a mean entry door is from the realm of reason.

3. Do I need good quality or Can Cheep Work?

For the 1 time project where you Put the saw and stand up and leave it setup, cheep works. Although you Deficiency of performance of this awkward levers and knobs, and need a bucks.
Premium full featured watched racks are manufactured using high quality Aluminum body and leg parts. Supports, adjustable legs for uneven job websites, solid wheels attached For simplicity of a single person moving the saw and stand around the job site and Best of tool free set – up and alterations made to last for Years of heavy duty usage.

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