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How to Use Wooden Bin Displays in Your Country Store

Are you Starting your own country shop? Seeking to ‘countrify’ the shop you currently own? Wooden bins are flexible and durable, and they help to conjure up the appearance and feel of a country store. Basket and barrel bins create great multipurpose screens for smaller things; crates and bushel baskets can be used to display your bigger wares.

An old-fashioned wooden cart makes an exceptional display bin. Flower carts often include removable dividers, letting you display several things simultaneously; and they’re usually on two or four wheels, with push handles, making them simple to move outside to get a sidewalk screen or a farmers’ market. Bushel baskets come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and colours. Smaller bushel baskets could be hung on a display tree; bigger ones are fantastic for counter tops. Use them alone or in groups, to exhibit toys, penny candies, dried fruit, nuts, or garden fresh produce.

Display wines and sparkling ciders at a picnic basket. A plaid lining or tablecloth drape will evoke summertime spent by the lake. Think about a picnic basket too for exhibits of nuts and dried fruits or vibrant peppers. Use them specially to showcase your antiques and collectibles, such as LPs and 45s, vintage magazines, even framed images.

Wooden barrels are not just for playing checkers. Large rustic barrels may be used to display anything from luxury floral arrangements to spirits and wine. Barrels are flexible, reusable, and fit in virtually anywhere. They also come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. When searching for rustic barrels to match your store, consider especially classic Kentucky whiskey barrels, known are made from white oak and are known for their durability.

Whether you are beginning your own country shop or simply On the lookout for new ways to organize old merchandise, wooden screen bins are An exceptional way to save money and floor space, while offering your Company that down-home feel that clients love. I have a blog which is dealing with outdoorcart, do check it out for full details.

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