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SD Maid Pro

SD Maid Pro – Unlocker v4.8.6 Apk Free Download

SD Maid Pro apk is a System Cleaning tool developed by Darken which is available for Android users only.
Did you know programs you delete use your resources in the background? The deleted programs leave out there documents on our mobile devices and use your data connection and other resources. Read also SD Maid Pro Unlocker.

Did you know?? The deleted program leaves out its documents on our Android Device and keeps consuming our Internet Data and other tools (e.g. Memory etc.). Sd Maid Pro Apk helps you out here.

SD Maid Pro is available for free and paid. Either you can buy Pro Version of it or use limited features in free version. For Paid Version, you need to pay in Google Play Store or in-app itself. This Page is gonna Provide you Pro Version of SD Maid apk, So keep reading further to grab it at no cost.

  • You got the problem on your Device.
  • In this para, you are gonna learn how SD Maid Pro program works?

What SD maid does is; it moves inside your root folder and finds files that aren’t essential and unnecessary with Devices Memory, Information and other resources. Then after assessing the files, it is going to provide you the option to have the documents or get them cleaned if not crucial.

This is just to introduce you about SD Maid Pro Apk.

Characteristics: SD Maid Pro Unlocker

There are many characteristics of SD Maid apk. I will point out main features only. Take a look of its own features-

  • Explorer: Explorer is a full fledged filemanager, use it to creep through your Androids files.
  • Searcher: You can use the Searcher if you know what file you’re looking for.
  • AppControl: It lets you to freeze, reset or delete installed software and its sources files.
  • CorpseFinder: searches your unit for orphaned items and compares those to the list of installed software.
  • System Cleaner: Scan your device and filters directories which contain junk files, unused, Temp Files or unnecessary folders.
  • Duplicates: Scans device, find duplicate content. You can delete them and free up some space.
  • Storage Analyzer: Analyze your storage such as Internal and external Memory.
  • Database: Its lets device scan whole database and optimize it.
  • Find files that have been modified in the last X minutes.

So Finally We’re going to giveaway Premium APK file of SD Maid Pro. You I am Using it for a very long time and faced no difficulties. Currently I am using this Version which I am giving you here. So you do not need to worry about Virus or all types of malware. It is scanned and completely safe from viruses. I update it frequently. So Without wasting more time is Click the button below and Download it Directly from Google Drive:

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