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Legion Beta Key Giveaway 2018

World of Warcraft: Legion Beta Key Giveaway 2018

With the WoW: Legion Beta beginning this week, the first of many fansite and streamer giveaways has begun starting with WoW Legion Beta Key giveaways.

Legion Beta Key Giveaway 2018
Legion Beta Key Giveaway 2018

WoW Legion will be challenging players to complete specific in-game achievements and selecting winners from among those who complete them. Each week will offer new achievements to complete, and an increasing amount of keys will be given away over time. If you’re ready to take your place within the beta, then head on over to WoW Legion Beta Key now to learn more about entering for Week 1’s giveaway. Check back each week to find out which achievements will grant you eligibility to face the Burning Legion. May fortune smile upon you!

Beta Testing WoW: Legion

World of Warcraft: Legion beta test is officially underway, and our friends at WoW Legion are offering players an early opportunity to face the Iron Horde and help us test the expansion before it’s released later this year.

WoW Legion will be selecting from players who complete specific in-game achievements, which will change each week, and increasing the number of keys they’re giving out as time goes on. If this all sounds good to you, head over to WoW Legion now to view your Character Profile and ensure it’s verified. Check back with them each week to find out which achievements will grant you eligibility to face the Warlords of Draenor. May fortune smile upon you!

Also, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you’ve opted in on to test Blizzard games, as we’re going to keep inviting more people as the beta test continues.

Simply complete our official entry form above by Tuesday, July 5 for your chance to win one of 2,400 keys granting access to the Legion beta test. For more information about how to participate, check out the giveaway rules. Winners will be contacted within 10 days of the giveaway closing.

What is World of Warcraft: Legion?

World of Warcraft: Legion is the 6th World of Warcraft expansion after Warlords of Draenor announced to be released on August 30, 2016.

Doom comes for the Alliance and the Horde as a great burning shadow falls over Azeroth. In this dire new chapter of the Warcraft saga, the demonic Burning Legion has returned, seeking to call forth their fallen leader — the dark titan Sargeras, Ravager of Worlds.

As destruction rains across Azeroth, its heroes must seek salvation among the ruins of the Broken Isles, doomed center of ancient night elf civilization and birthplace of myths dating back to the world’s creation. In the face of hopeless odds, they must learn to master mighty Artifacts — legendary weapons that hold the potential to bring down the corrupted armies of the Legion — and strike an infernal pact with the dread Demon Hunters of the Illidari, accursed followers of the infamous Illidan the Betrayer.