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4 Tips to Find the Best Reputable Money Lender In Singapore

It is just a myth that there are only a few licensed money lenders who are ready to give you loans but actually there are many if you want to find out. In some cases, it could be a difficult task to find the best, reliable and a reputed money lender in Singapore but it is not a mission impossible. If you go through the proper channel you can easily find a reputed money lender in Singapore.

If you don’t want to get in trouble by falling in the hands of loan sharks or hard money lenders then just read the tips provided below and make your life easy by finding best money lenders in Singapore.

1- Ask Friends and Family Members

The first step to find a reputable money lender is to find your friends or family members who have taken a loan from a licensed money lender in the past. You should ask them for their own experience when they take out the loan and the way money lender deals with them through their agreement. You should shortlist a few money lenders as per the suggestions of your friends or family members.

2- Search on the Internet

To find the history of any person or a company, Google can be your best friend. You should conduct an online research to find the reputed money lenders in Singapore. To do this, just open the and type “money lender Singapore“. You will find a good list of reputed money lenders. Just check their official websites, read the customer reviews from their official sites as well as from the third parties. Check different financial forums of Singapore and from their take the expert’s advice about the shortlisted money lenders you find in step 1 and 2.

3- Find the Physical Office of Money Lenders

The reputed money lenders in Singapore must have a physical office and its address should be available on their official website and social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more. Shortlist all the money lenders who have a physical office and make it sure that they actually have that, just an address on the website is not enough. It should exist there actually.

4- Meet With The Shortlisted Money Lenders

You should meet with the few of your shortlisted reputed money lenders near you. You should check their contract and the agreement document. The agreement should be clear and it states all the conditions clearly. Also, check that what is the assigned credit limit for those money lenders. You can check the official website of Singapore gov that provide a list of licensed money lenders.


Consulting with friends and family, conducting online research, checking forums, meeting with the money lenders in their office and checking the loan agreement paper can help you in choosing the best-reputed money lender in Singapore. So don’t forget to follow the above-mentioned steps to get a loan from a reputed money lender.