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Sack Trucks

Handcart folding the comparison 2017

If you would like to buy a folding sack truck (Sackkarre klappbar) then you already have your own idea for what you want to use the device. Be it for the move or for the crates you want to bring from the car to the house entrance. Different foldable sack trucks differ in size in the unfolded and unfolded condition, the material of the maximum load and the user-friendly and back-gentle guidance as the cart moves and steers. The 3 folding sack trucks in comparison are, according to reviews and tests, bollards that have these characteristics.

The right folding sack cart!
As a loan you can think in advance that every folding cart is as good as the same in a certain way that’s true. Only one should pay attention to a few things that I will call them here now. First, you should know if you want to use the collapsible sack truck for the stairs. Because here it is important that one resorts to rather large tires and this is also an air tires. With air-filled large tires, stairs are much easier to cope with.

Furthermore, one should take a look at the front shovel (laying surface). If you want to Transpose small heavy things, as an example we take a filled flower tub. Then the bucket should be as good as closed to avoid an oblique page-long or even the falling through of the bucket. Otherwise it should be mentioned that the wider the object to be transposed, the broader the laying surface should be. Likewise, the carrying capacity is very important. There are folding sack trucks with 60 kg load capacity or which with 250 kg here you must decide which is most suitable for you. In the office, one with 65 kg would be enough for the garden or on a construction site could be 200 + kg max. Resilience recommended.