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Virtual Families 2

The Best Way to play Virtual Families 2


Sore throat, throat doesn’t feel right, groaning noise – Throat Lozenges

Sneezing, Allergys – Antihistamine (you’ll often need this if the allergy season comes)
Itchy, rash – Cortisone cream
Whooping cough, coughing, can not stop coughing – Antitussive syrup

**Do NOT waste your money on the doctors appointments unless they’re illness is persistant or else they got sick again straight after taking medicine. If the physicians inform you that you need to give them one of those antibiotics (Penicillin or Vancomycin) it is very good to get some sleeping pills to help them relax. Give them the sleeping pills right after they take the disease and let them sleep till their energy bars are up.

***One disease can spread like wildfire in this game. A useful suggestion is to make certain that there are no longer than two beds in each bedroom. If two individuals share a bed (usually adults) this is even better. If they’re kept separate from each other concerning bedrooms, the illness shouldn’t spread as much.

Hey guys! This can be a guide to most of the aims on VF2. In direct 1, you find the initial 14 goals in the goals display. More guides coming soon!

Make your peeps work, sell collectables.
Bring home the Bacon-1000 coins. Just like above.
Mind on Cash- 10,000 coins. Same as above.
Same as above.
An eventful week- 10 emails/house events. Every once in a while a little yellow envelope flashes at the top right corner of the display. This is an email. Drag a peep to 1 of the computers. House events appear as soon as you log on. They have two choices, and fill the entire screen.
Same as above.
Marry rich- For those who receive a union proposal (through email) you accept when they’ve more then 370 coins in Thier bank. In case your not getting a proposal, wear cologne. It is at the flea market.
Marry for love- same as above except that they have less then 150 coins in the bank.
Perfect Match- When you receive a suggestion, the individual asking and your other individual is going to have exactly the same job.
Place an adult on another adult and they ought to either state Embracing, Arguing, or seeking to make a baby. Try again if they Don’t state the last one. Suggestion: be sure the house/yard is clean and parents are happy and healthy.
Oh, baby baby- you’d twins. Same as above, except instead of 1 kid, you got 2.
Ohhhhh dear- you had triplets. Same as above except rather if 1/2, you had 3.
4 is enough- you had 4 children total.
No vacancy- you had 6 kids total. Note: you can only have 6 children.
That is all for now, more coming! Hope that this helps!! Like it if you want more!


1000 units of meals is not really needed if you don’t know your going to be off in the gave for more than 12 hours. 400 units of food is best. Another thing. . A variety does, however, the effect is so minimal it is not worthwhile. So just get the 20 coin bag of grains. Also, do not let them make meals unless their status is “Hungry” or “Starving”. Lastly, do not let them search for snacks or warm up food, ESPECIALLY at night. Scold them or try using trick candy to prevent them from doing so ;-RRB-

Buying the right toys may distract the kids from doing anything naughty. Things like throwing stones, tearing snacking, books, playing at the bathroom, heating food up, banging dishes, drawing on the walls, etc., ought to be scolded. However, if they are doing things such as playing softly, drawing, etc. praise them. This can also prevent their energy bars moving down. If your child turns 14, they will start doing things such as jobs for homework and school. You must DEFINITELY praise these things or utilize candy. You’ll start to miss your youngster. If your planning on sending the child, do it when they are about three or four years old. Head, you won’t have to see them grow up :-LRB-


The difficulty in treating depression can vary. But, employing the Psychotherapy should DEFINITELY be your last option, especially for the kids. Buying things like new furniture, toys and sweets would not add up to the price of Psychotherapy. For kids, let them play as far as possible (NOT things like throwing rocks, of course) letting them perform quietly helps a great deal and can bring up their electricity bars. Things like tickling, stories and DVDs also help them. Both the adults and the children ought to be well fed. Do not let the adults work unless it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. They are career advancement goes up when your not playing the match.

The carousel – Yes, it seems fantastic. However, it does not do anything!
Towels – You can’t use them.
Soap – Yes there fairly. No, you can’t utilize them.
Plants- They’re just decorations. They do not do anything.
Coffee or Dining room tables – You can not use them.
Paintings – They are VERY expensive and very pretty. Not only that, you can achieve a goal if you set one up. But among the game events which will most likely happen is that you receive a package that is addressed to a neighbor. If you open the bundle, it is always a painting, which you can keep. I once got a painting value 13,150 coins dealt for my neighbor. I earned a target and didn’t even need to shell out anything. So never, NEVER, buy the paintings.


Don’t bother too much with all the furniture on your first generation. I know that sounds boring, however, the first generation is when you need to save up to your moment. The furniture seems and you can actually USE it. On your first creation, the only things you will need to purchase are a used sofa and a bed. Do not get these from the shop, wait for them to go on the market. By your 3rd generation, you will have bought better quality furniture and also you can sell your old ones.

You shouldn’t pay much attention into the bank announcements. If your a person that sells antiques online a lot, you should be making around 150-300 additional coins a day anyway.

If you drag two people on top of each other in Precisely the Same time
(it may be hard) then both of these will have the item and you can get double the money! 😀

If you have got a maid, then don’t bother picking up the wrappers unless your SURE she won’t appear.
Last, DON’T KILL THEM!!! Employing the antibiotics to kill them really does not work. It merely makes them weak and will get really annoying. Look after your small individuals, and if you know you can not, PAUSE THE GAME! I hope you like the match.

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