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SoundCloud Plays

Want to Increase SoundCloud Plays? Here Are 3 Great Tools

Here are 3 useful tools you can use to get more SoundCloud plays right now.

The subsequent deep dip into SoundCloud plays comes from Sam Zavedi has functioned as a SM Strategist for both Fortune 500 businesses and start-ups from Throughout the pond. He’s delved into CRO and the mind, applying that twisted combination into a paradigm of social engineering. Sam frequently writes about tech, crowd psychology, and the merger of them both at his website,

For audiophiles, SoundCloud has come to be a fantastic place to sound tracks which they wouldn’t easily find anyplace else. And that hasn’t gone unnoticed to many entrepreneurs that want to take advantage of this site’s growing popularity. But unless you are a recognized musician, getting people to follow your tracks on SoundCloud can be a significant challenge.

So raise play SoundCloud with these tools!

1. Devumi

As its website explains, Devumi is basically a social networking marketing firm that does influencer advertising. They drive thousands of people for your Twitter, YouTube, or even SoundCloud accounts. Their bluntly compact strategy is ideal for anybody seeking to growth hack the rising charts simply by buying Soundcloud followers.

These guys have been in existence for nearly a decade. The greatest stars in music and politicians on either side of the isle seem to have purchased appointments and followers.


While the idea behind purchasing plays on Soundcloud to control the “Growing Donation” charts isn’t something new, the people at BuyPlays have legitimized their small industry. They publicly deliver just what they offer: secure, anonymous, and Soundcloud plays.

Better still, they’ll also provide actual enjoys, reposts, comments, and stocks at a statistically appropriate level to the volume you get when you purchase Soundcloud plays from them. This keeps you from falling beyond the trend graphs and keeps you protected from moderators who may look to prevent this action.

While the art of purchasing Soundcloud plays might seem, well, strange — it is something Soundcloud has had to come to grips with. They cannot punish you severely for the transactions, because then you would have the ability to weaponize them and target the plays at your competitors!

3. Hypeddit

Hypeddit is a promotional tool that is especially dedicated to producing your SoundCoud paths more visible to prospective fans. The site is usually promoted towards musicians, but may be used by other SoundCloud consumers for boosting their tracks.

The service operates by supplying users with several tools for increasing the social proof of your paths and make these more visible to possible fans and followers. Hypeddit functions on the idea of “enthusiast gating”, which entails artists publishing exclusive content which can be accessed by listeners by turning into a follower on SoundCloud. An example of a fan gate provided by the service is this one.

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