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What is and How to Register an Account

You can later spend on gems (or other things like Xbox live, Amazon, and almost all Mobile Apps). Appnana has a points system which you earn Points by trying out free programs only for 30 seconds. When you’ve reached Enough points you can spend it on the things above etc. Read more details on


1. Open up your Safari browser and visit and register an account. You will receive 10,400 Nanas upon enrolling.
Once done, bookmark the Website on your screen by tapping “Add To Home Screen” below. It’ll turn into an app so you won’t have to open up Safari every time.

2. Open up AppNana and tap on the “Get Nana” tab and install AppNana Sync to Release the other offers. The ANS program also tracks your supplies, which is How AppNana credits you correctly.

3. Open up ANS and log in. Exit and reopen AppNana to receive 500 Nanas.

4. Total 2-3 offers by downloading apps and you’ll reach over 15,000 Nanas, which allows you to enter a friend code for 2500 more Nanas.
If apps don’t register, try different apps. Sometimes it takes longer to get approved.

5. Keep on earning points until you have enough to maintain your AppStore gift card at the rewards tab.

6. You should get an email with the AppStore gift card code so go ahead Redeem it by going to the AppStore -> Featured then scroll down, press Redeem, and enter your code.

CONGRATS! You have earned you no-cost whatsoever Itunes gift card! You Can use your cash to buy gems in Clash of Clans without even taking a Penny from your credit card!


Before using a friend code, you must obtain 15,000 Nanas. This isn’t Hard to do actually; simply download any 2-3 programs from the Offer section And you’ll be good to go. Once done, enter the referral code: B804123 And get 2500 Nanas. Add 5 more buddies, rinse, repeat, and swap You also get 400 Nanas each day you log in.

If you go online trying to find people to refer you, or people that you Can refer WATCH OUT for dishonest men and women. When you enter their code you may receive 100,000 nanas; it is not correct. You can’t hack codes, you can not patch codes and You Can’t modify codes.

Appnana is server sided meaning you Can’t modify the customer (Appnana) And make it stick, if you find some “hack” that affects your nanas to 1,000,000 the only thing affected is the customer; so you will see 1 Million nanas, but it doesn’t mean you actually have them. Bottom-line, there is no way you can “cheat” to change your nanas.


Try finding forums you can post your referral code on.

Creating YouTube videos and deceiving your viewers while trying to get Them to use your referral code isn’t recommended. Perhaps make a Tutorial offering your code if they would like to use it, they will.

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